Striking friends and innocent bystanders with incurable laughter, Chicago-bred actor Jason Mimms’ natural talent has been infectious from the start. Introduced to theater at only age 10, he was eager to perform constantly for anyone who would watch.

Not before long, Jason would take a full time stab at acting.

He received his degree in Theatre Arts from Clark Atlanta. It was here that Jason impressed audiences with his dramatic role as the lead in “Othello,” and other plays like “Fences,” and “Joe Turners’ Come and Gone.”

Not a limited talent, he has made appearances in Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne,” “Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming,” and “Chicago Code.” He also has several commercials to his credit.

It was Jason’s comedic shtick, however, that had viewers wondering just how far he would go in his recurring role on B.E.T.’s Hell Date Season 2.

An actor to watch, Mimms has his eyes on L.A. and sees nothing less than success.


coffea: What areas of the Arts are you involved in?

mimms: I’m an actor and I have trained for about 15 years. I grew up in Chicago and began my training in performing arts under the Direction of Peter Chatman at the Chicago Theatre Co. for 10 years. Afterward, I went on to Clark-Atlanta University to continue in theater arts.

coffea: Who can you compare yourself to?  Where do you get your inspiration from?

mimms: Definitely Denzel Washington and Sidney Poitier. They’re icons. Partly because when I first began training my teacher told me to study them to help with different roles I was cast for.  I studied them so much growing up that I started to emulate them and their styles until I grew into my own.

But, naturally, my family is the most important support in my life. My mother, father, brother, Jeff, cousins and, our foundation, my Grandparents. We’re very close-knit and they support me greatly.

Lastly, and probably most powerfully, I’m inspired by my craft itself. There’s so much of life to portray and I get high off the thought of waking up to do what I love to do, perform.

coffea: Who have you had the honor to work with?  If you could pick anyone, who would you choose to work with?

mimms: Rain Forest Films Director and Bounce TV Network CEO Rob Hardy, Tyler Perry, James Dubose of Dubose Entertainment (B.E.T. Hell Date), Producer Sharon King, and mentor Richard T. Jones. Rob and I have continued to work here in LA.

There are so many awesome players in film, it’s difficult to choose, but, I would say Denzel Washington. He’s my inspiration! Of course, I don’t exclude other actors of rank like Will Smith, Don Cheadle, Tom Hanks, Robert De Niro, Eddie Murphy, Leonardo Dicaprio, Spike Lee James Cameron, Michael Bay.  Man, working with any of these power players would be a dream in reality!

coffea: Where could someone see you perform or purchase some of your productions?

mimms: I can be found on screens, big or little, in my latest. I have a few things lined up for this year and the next, including commercial, TV and film roles. You can find some on my site or youtube. You’ll also see personal projects I’ve created through my company Black Canvas Productions.

Itunes has a few episodes of my season on Hell Date Season 2 for purchase.  You can also stay linked and view work through my site www.jmimms.com and Youtube pages www.youtube.com/jcmimms and www.youtube.com/blackcanvas1 . Or, hit me on Twitter, @jasonacts4reel and Facebook, Jason Mimms.

coffea: How did your company begin and what is the next level?

mimms: It just sort of happened. Some college friends and I entered a film competition in 2007 and we decided to name our group. Black Canvas Productions sounds good, don’t you think? We had a rough start as we learned production and post production of film but were able to increase members and grow to new levels of creativity and execution.

BCP is set to establish itself as a premier film production company dedicated to creative and diverse perspectives in independent film. We’re set to begin pre-production on a few new short films over the next few years; I AM LOYAL, The Composition and, collaborating on a film called 26. We’re celebrating our 5th year! Let’s GO!



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