Women’s Equality

written by: roman pierce

I took the liberty of riding Atlanta’s public transit, but the connector bus ran over an hour and a half late. Although I was frustrated by the delay I was fortunate enough to over-hear two ladies discussing what they perceived to be the root issue. The ladies pointed a finger to management, and the notorious female route driver. They spoke about her attitude and the way she communicates with her patrons. The conversation got me thinking about equality in the workplace- especially regarding women. I then joined their conversation because I was curious and wanted to know more. I asked the first lady what she thought and she replied that she felt as though equality existed. I asked the other, and she gave a more interesting response. She stated that women are treated equally within her organization, but that patrons are  more likely to view white women or males to be more authoritative than the African American counterpart.  We live in a world where equality is at the tip of many people’s tongues. For example, there is a female manager where I work that constantly throws her pregnancy as the reason for her rash behavior and aggression. Does such an excuse exist for males? I’ve heard other females state that pregnancy is a condition and not an excuse, but I have witnessed the child birthing process from start to finish, and it is an incredible process. I understand that pregnant women may need special attention, but so also do men at certain times. Now let’s assume that there is a board meeting composed of five men and five women. When they enter the room is it expected for the men to open the door, let the women in first, and draw the chairs before beginning meeting? Or would a pregnant  woman be treated the same as a male of similar age at a warehouse? I have heard opinions on both sides of the fence from both women and men; we know what’s politically correct, but what is ethically expected?

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