Crowned Curlies Interview- Winter 2018

This is the rainiest day of the week in Chicago and it’s the day we’ve chosen to interview the founders of Crowned Curlies. This is our second attempt at an interview with these ladies but it was worth it. I agreed to meet them at a small cafe’. I arrive early and of course I decide to grab some tea and a piece of carrot cake. Not knowing, I look over and Alexis had beat me there and was seated patiently waiting. As we wait on Dominique, we chat about the process. This was set to be a recorded interview so I gave details and a brief overview of how our morning would go.

Once Dominique arrives, we chat a bit about each other’s personal lives and then we dive right in. I set up the camera and we begin. Let me be the first to reintroduce them. The two founders of Crowned Curlies are Dominique Pierce-Brown and Alexis Washington. Crowned Curlies is a natural hair care line. They focus on hair health and growth as well as self-esteem and inner growth. They thrive in the community not solely based on their products but on their community service. They work hard to break the stereotype that curly natural hair is “bad” hair.

Dominique is an entrepreneur and educator. She began tutoring along with working her nine to five. She states that she took interest in a few side ventures including selling hair and corsets. She reflects to a time when she moved her family to a new neighborhood that lacked black salons and beauty supply stores. After a bad experience with her daughter’s hair and a local salon, she took to the ingredients in her kitchen to concoct a solution for hair care. She did not hesitate to perfect this product and call ,her now partner, Alexis. This begin the start of something special.

Alexis using her business expertise and organizational skills of being a mother of four, also grew tired of failed haircare products. She laughs and says they brainstormed of names for their products and initially called it Honey Hair Care. The line was meant to be strictly for children but now has grown to be a family product.

Through this journey of being women entrepreneurs, their biggest moment was learning how to work together. They learned in order to be successful teamwork was very important. They also believe it is necessary to educate yourself on the process. The two continue to take classes to improve their level of business and business strategies. Alexis explains that when you are just seeking social media recognition, you tend to be all over the place with posting information and marketing. However, when you are working on a brand one must work on strategy and plans that should be executed properly.

On their journey to grow Crowned Curlies, they have taken their brand to expos, trade shows, and have them available for purchase at local beauty supply stores and bookstores. They hope to be a national brand that caters to personal growth inside and out. They understand that baby steps are essential and having trust in your business partner’s opinion can lead them down the road to success.

Trying Crowned Curlies hair care products is the only way for you to see why these ladies work so hard. They have taken their experience in family, education, and friendship to create change in their lives and others. Dreams are great to have. The key is to wake up and make them happen. Visit and follow Crown Curlies online

*Check out their video interview on available January 5, 2018.

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