» February 18, 2019

Making money is the goal.  “Go to school”, “Get a job”, “Network”…. All of these commands to lead to money.  The plan behind the hustle includes money to spend and […]

» January 24, 2019

This month BET premiered a hot new reality show called , “WIG OUT”.  It follows the 21 year-old hair mogul, Cliff Vmir.   Coffea magazine had the honor of getting to […]

» December 13, 2018

As business men and women most times schedules are bananas.  They are always on the go with barely enough time to dedicate to themselves.  They attempt to create healthy relationships […]

» December 6, 2018

Stress is common when the grind is real.  Unfortunately, it is not healthy.  There are many common ways to relieve stress like exercising, lighting a candle, and writing your thoughts […]