» February 22, 2019

  CALLING ALL FOODIES! Coffea Magazine has been commissioned to be more interactive with its readers. Yes, we are still an entrepreneurial lifestyle magazine, but keyword in this case is […]

» February 19, 2019

written by: Krissy J   Chicagoland Life Coach Kimberly Perdue, launched her life coaching career on May 19, 2018. Her mission is to coach or assist individuals having difficulties with […]

» February 18, 2019

Making money is the goal.  “Go to school”, “Get a job”, “Network”…. All of these commands to lead to money.  The plan behind the hustle includes money to spend and […]

» January 24, 2019

This month BET premiered a hot new reality show called , “WIG OUT”.  It follows the 21 year-old hair mogul, Cliff Vmir.   Coffea magazine had the honor of getting to […]