» November 29, 2018

The day starts with sun in the forecast. I began my trip to interview Dave , better known as Styles by Dave. He asked me to meet him at a […]

» November 26, 2018

What inspires you live a healthy lifestyle? My family history inspires me to live a healthy lifestyle. Just to name a few examples, diabetes, heart failure, breast, skin, prostate cancer […]

» November 26, 2018

Striking friends and innocent bystanders with incurable laughter, Chicago-bred actor Jason Mimms’ natural talent has been infectious from the start. Introduced to theater at only age 10, he was eager […]

» February 10, 2018

This is the rainiest day of the week in Chicago and it’s the day we’ve chosen to interview the founders of Crowned Curlies. This is our second attempt at an […]