» February 19, 2019

written by: Krissy J   Chicagoland Life Coach Kimberly Perdue, launched her life coaching career on May 19, 2018. Her mission is to coach or assist individuals having difficulties with […]

» November 29, 2018

The day starts with sun in the forecast. I began my trip to interview Dave , better known as Styles by Dave. He asked me to meet him at a […]

» November 26, 2018

What inspires you live a healthy lifestyle? My family history inspires me to live a healthy lifestyle. Just to name a few examples, diabetes, heart failure, breast, skin, prostate cancer […]

» November 26, 2018

Striking friends and innocent bystanders with incurable laughter, Chicago-bred actor Jason Mimms’ natural talent has been infectious from the start. Introduced to theater at only age 10, he was eager […]