Author: Coffea

» December 6, 2018

Stress is common when the grind is real.  Unfortunately, it is not healthy.  There are many common ways to relieve stress like exercising, lighting a candle, and writing your thoughts […]

» December 5, 2018

After speaking to several colleagues in HR one has come to the conclusion that this job search thing is not checkers.  It is not a game to those on the […]

» December 4, 2018

The phrase “Never Give Up” had to have come from the very first entrepreneur ever.  We say it as much as a normal person says good morning, thank you, excuse […]

» December 3, 2018

Procrastination is the biggest culprit of letting time slip away from us. One thing to take note of is making a list of things in order of importance. Of course […]