Author: Coffea

» February 10, 2018

Hey , Hello , How a re you ? It’s been awhile but we have returned. Coffea Magazine started in 2009 as an idea to bring the “regular” people their […]

» February 10, 2018

This is the rainiest day of the week in Chicago and it’s the day we’ve chosen to interview the founders of Crowned Curlies. This is our second attempt at an […]

» November 11, 2017

Today the comedy world will be overjoyed because Saturday Night Live has chosen Tiffany Haddish to host tonight’s episode.  She is not new to this but some were just introduced […]

» November 8, 2017

Look back on all the spending you’ve done and try to recognize patterns/spending habits. If you notice every time you get paid, you buy a new outfit, shoes, perfume, etc., […]