Author: Coffea

» September 5, 2017

Kieaun was born right outside of Chicago, USA. Raised in Joliet, Kieaun decided he wanted to pursue a career in music, and moved to what had become the “New Motown […]

» July 19, 2017

BY CHAR’NESE TURNER   Most women, black women in particular, take on the daily role of superwoman. Superwoman takes care of home, family, work, and everyone else before she tends […]

» June 25, 2017

It began as a thought. Elbonie Metcalfe and her brother Elton Metcalfe collaborated to try and start Love Naturally, a brand about expressing style and love with t-shirts and jewelry. […]

» April 18, 2017

Look at Ferguson. Look at NYC. Look at Florida. Look at Cleveland. Look all around. Now, look in the mirror. What do you see? What type of person is looking […]