written by: r.n. kash

Ah love, we all deserve it and it makes the world go ‘round and ‘round. From the time we are young girls and watching those Disney movies, we fantasize about love at first sight and fairy tale romances. Then we get older, become independent women who aren’t afraid to speak our minds and go after what we want.

We work hard to either promote our own businesses or rise within the ranks of our chosen careers. We work so hard that we forget about ourselves at times. Then summer comes, and we meet that special one who captivates us and thus a summer fling is born. We begin to enjoy ourselves, spending time with that person and falling in love.

Then the summer is fading and reality begins to overshadow the fling with an impending end on the horizon. You have developed feelings and want to continue to pursue the relationship without sacrificing you or everything you’ve worked for. You are always guarded, in control and unsure of how to keep both a relationship and a career in your life.

Here are some tips to help you break those barriers and keep everything. Be open-minded and don’t be afraid to compromise.

Be honest and open. I don’t mean lay out all of your baggage and scare the poor soul! But be open, express your wishes and desires and listen to theirs.

Make it a priority by setting up future dates and plans with that person. They don’t need to see or hear from you every waking minute, that’s too much! Just make sure they know that they are important to you and part of your life.

Share your innermost fears and desires to create that intimate bond. Let your hair down and let them see the real you. Don’t go overboard with the metaphor of letting your hair down unless you are that comfortable. It takes me awhile for that bit.

Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself in front of them. No I don’t mean letting your bodily functions come out and say hello, or being overly obnoxious. Laugh at yourself and show them how comfortable you are and don’t be afraid to be silly.

It’s okay to be vulnerable with them. You don’t always have to be stoic and strong. This doesn’t mean work on your poker face, unless you are actually going to play. Learn to show them your emotions, whatever they may be.

Most importantly, don’t change anything about you, just to make the other person happy. You are you, be proud of it and own it. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and a man or woman worth it will be just as proud of you.

Summer flings are wonderful, we are our most free and happiest and sharing that with a special person can be amazing. When that fling begins to grow on us and we want to keep them in our lives, we want to find ways to keep it from being a fleeting moment in our lives. We may say we don’t need anyone to make us happy and that can be true. However, in the rare occasion that you do meet that person, why not include them in your life and still have it all?

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