3 Exercises To Keep Your Body Healthy In The Summertime Heat

Battling the heat in the busy summertime can be a difficult distraction to overcome while trying to focus on your fitness goals. Because of many eventful schedules, there will be times where workouts may need to be done in creative ways.

There’s nothing wrong with tackling your fitness goals outside in the sun, by the pool, or even on the beach. Grab an exercise matt and get to work.

These are 3 awesome exercises that will keep the body healthy and can be done in just about any environment with no equipment needed.


To start, focus on maintaining a regular squat position. When you reach the 90 degree angle at the end of your squad, focus on your quads and explode upward with an explosive jump. Try to jump as high as you can in the most controlled manner. When you are about to land, try to land softly and in control.

You will notice the burn in the lower body and core. Specifically, the quads, hamstrings, and glutes will get the best workout.

Work at your own pace and at a rep range you are comfortable with.

Single Leg Deadlift

Stand straight up to start. To begin, pick one leg up off the ground slightly to take the weight off one side. Tilt your weight forwards while maintaining your balance. As you do this, your off leg should go backwards and nearly straighten out completely. When this position is reached, return to starting position with your off foot not touching the ground. This is considered one rep.

After you complete your desired number of reps, switch to the opposite side and repeat the same process.

You should feel this working your hamstrings.

Walking Plank

A walking plank is similar to a traditional plank but gets the blood flowing a little more.

To start, you begin in a push up position with your hands on the ground. First, you will move one arm from the push up position to the traditional plank position by putting your elbow to the ground. After doing this with the first arm, do the same with the other arm so you are now in a traditional plank position.

Now, reverse the process and push yourself back up with one arm at a time so you return to the starting position.

This will target your core and give you a nice burn in your abdomen area.

In order to exercise and withstand the summertime heat, focus on hydration and always have water on hand during workouts. Another important tip for those who will be working out in the outdoor heat, pick a cooler time of day like early in the mornings before the sun heats up.

The most important thing to do is listen to your mind and your body. If you feel dizziness or nauseous, you should probably stop your workout and focus on getting yourself hydrated. Nothing good can come from overworking our bodies.

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