Month: August 2018

» August 17, 2018

written by: Jessica Wilson You meet and there is an instant mutual chemistry.  A whirlwind romance ensues with multiple dates each week, endless texting during the day, and long late […]

» August 13, 2018

written by: Reginald Clemons Over the last 25 years, a person’s credit rating has grown in its influence over many facets of life. If your credit score is low, you […]

» August 13, 2018

written by: r.n. kash Ah love, we all deserve it and it makes the world go ‘round and ‘round. From the time we are young girls and watching those Disney […]

» August 12, 2018

written by: roman pierce I took the liberty of riding Atlanta’s public transit, but the connector bus ran over an hour and a half late. Although I was frustrated by […]