You must do it! After the experience is complete you will be grateful for taking this step. Moving into a space you can call your own is one of the smartest decisions any Millennial could make.
For us Millennials, it’s easy to be swindled into the permanent roommate situation which can become comfortable. As great as it is having your best friend one room over, you might want to consider that living on your own is an investment in finding yourself. There are three excellent reasons that you, as a Millennial, should spread your wings and build your own nest.

Number one: Netflixing and Chilling with yourself is necessary. You ought to learn to enjoy your own company. If you don’t want to date you, then why would anyone else? Living alone helps you create margins for yourself, fundamentally discovering what you will and won’t tolerate from others in your space. Your home should be your sanctuary and when you invite others in, they should obey whatever rules you have set in place. Furthermore, the chilling part, of Netflix and Chill, comes without interruptions. How often have you been in the middle of enjoying some “personal time” when your roommate barges in and ruins the entire mood? Well, when you’re in your own space, this will never be an issue again.
Number Two: The only dirty underwear in the bathroom is yours. We all know that one of the biggest drawbacks about living with other people is that their possessions are always all over yours. And countless times, even after you confront your sloth of a roommate, their underwear still manages to find a way to drip dry over the tub. Moving into your own place cleans that right up! No more unwanted socks in your laundry and no mystery dishes in the sink after you’ve just washed them!

And finally, number three: If your lights are turned off, there’s no one to blame but you. In the end, several of us are just scared to “adult”. There are certain responsibilities that come with settling into your own digs and part of this is the monthly collection of bills that accumulate even if you want them to stop. This part of the process teaches you to stay on top of your responsibilities. After all, when the lights go dark, the only person you can yell at is yourself.

It’s time to kick that peculiar roommate at 30-thing to the side and become acquainted with yourself, fully. And it all starts with finding your own space so you can let yourself be authentically you!


written by: N. D. Johnson

photo by: Brad Neathery

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