Today the comedy world will be overjoyed because Saturday Night Live has chosen Tiffany Haddish to host tonight’s episode.  She is not new to this but some were just introduced to her by her big screen appearance in Girl’s Trip earlier this year.  She has blessed the stage of classicRead More →

Look back on all the spending you’ve done and try to recognize patterns/spending habits. If you notice every time you get paid, you buy a new outfit, shoes, perfume, etc., work on changing that habit. • Work on not buying any new personal unnecessary items and consider not doing soRead More →

Tip #1 ~ Employment ~ You need to be on your job at least 2 years OR in the same field for 2 consecutive years with no gap in employment OR be a recent college graduate with an offer letter in hand. *Self-Employed, you need the last 2 consecutive yearsRead More →