Most people believe that confidence is the same as self- esteem. However, self-esteem is based on the emotions that one feels for oneself. Confidence, on the other hand, deals with the way you feel about your abilities. The interpretation of confidence is tricky, but to overlook the need for it is absurd.

To sum things up and make it a little easier for you to put into a schedule, we will give you five points in our opinion that will help in maintaining and obtaining confidence.

To eliminate the stress of feeling that you aren’t good enough, always be prepared. For example, if you are seeking a new position at work but it requires a few credit hours in college or previous knowledge in business, take classes. Study like your life depended on it. Once you have a grasp on the material needed to excel in that position or in the workplace in general, guess what, there goes your confidence level.

You might read this and say “hey, I have a fear of networking … due to my confidence being low”. Well, the more people you know the more you grow. Build a base of people that at the very least can match your face with your name. That way when you attend a function you are more confident about circulating the room. This is also a good way of gaining positive referrals and as your company grows, due to the rise in your network, your confidence in your “product” grows too.

Remain Positive
The worst thing to do when trying to gain confidence is to listen and believe negative comments. It wouldn’t matter if you had the key to cure cancer. Someone would tweet or message you and say “who do you think you are to have the key to cure cancer”, “you may have the cure but your shoes are last season”, or “you are just saying you have the key to get more followers”. Tell yourself that although others may have talent similar to yours’ , they are not you. Only you can deliver your talent in that manner. Yes of course, obstacles will occur, but the battle is in your perception.

Know Yourself
Think people. No one knows you like you know yourself. Only you know your strengths and weaknesses. Only you have the power to push yourself to the absolute limit. Only you can make yourself believe that you can or cannot do something. This is number four but this factor is included in every decision you make negative or positive.

And last but not least.

Never Give Up
Consistency will create opportunities. The lack of confidence is most times the effect of bad events that have taken place in your life. For example, you were forced to cut your hair due to some damage. You hate wearing your hair short because you were teased as a child for your hair being short. They would say you looked like a boy. Remembering these horrible times, you feel less important anytime your hair is worn short. You fear the worst about your presentation at work the next day because your confidence level has dropped. Unfortunately, history you cannot change, but if you never give up and remain prepared, remember to network, remain positive, and know who you are and what you are capable of…. Everything will be alright. Be confident!


Photo by Anthony Intraversato
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