Minor Detailz is your local one stop shop, where you are able to receive your coordinator for any event, rather it be a birthday party, social event, wedding baby shower, Gala or etc. as well as your desserts of all sort and decorations of all kind to execute your vision from one individual. “It’s important to take the stress off of my clients with dealing with a ton of vendors, when they’re able to receive everything from my company. This will allow my clients to speak with one individual and gain confidence that I am capable of delivering.”

What was an important factor to you actually beginning your own business?
My husband and six children are my primary factor of building my brand. On July 25, 2014 I was blessed to have the opportunity to marry my best friend. During the beginning of our planning process for the wedding we knew that, due to our family size, we would be on a very strict budget as well as needed to be able to live after our wedding, so I decided to take matters in my own hand and started to plan, prep and prepare our wedding. I’ve always been extremely creative and my imagination has always been beyond the norm, so when people stated that it would be too much for me to do on my own I decided to prove them wrong. With my mind set on, with not only executing our vision with an extremely small budget, I told my husband that if we receive great feedback I will be opening my own company. Guess what? Our wedding was beyond beautiful and we received amazing feedback from everyone. My husband’s feedback as well as all the great feedback was the force to open Minor Detailz 3 short months later.

Do you ever feel pressure as a female/African American female to go above and beyond the norm?
I feel pressure every single day in trying to build a successful brand. I have six little people that depend on me daily because I am their role model. I am always subject to go over and beyond just for those six reasons alone. My children have to know that life is not easy and there are going to be plenty of sacrifices that will need to be made in order to become successful. There will be times when I will become uncomfortable in certain situations to make a situation comfortable for them. It’s been embedded in me to always shoot for perfection and to teach my children that the sky is always the limit.

There have been plenty of nights that my husband, my children and myself have created an assembly line in order to get several jobs done. This has taught them the structure of Minor Detailz and the hard work that it takes to fulfill your passion. My company may not be my family’s passion, but they are whom I can lean on when my back is against the wall and they take just as much pride in it as if it was there passion.

Did you see your life in a different light 5 years ago?
Yes, I did. Five years ago I wanted to become the CEO of someone else’s company, not that I never thought about having my own company, but I was so fearful of failing. I remember working my tail off to just receive promotions, some came and some didn’t. It was when I got laid off my job in 2009 that it started weighing very heavy on me about never working for anyone ever again, but I have responsibilities, so I couldn’t quite rule that out just yet. I am currently working a full-time in Corporate America while running Minor Detailz full-time, but that hasn’t stopped me nor slowed me down at all. It has actually kept me driven to use my passion to live in my purpose. It’s funny because I can look back at our wedding video and actually is proud of myself knowing that I did it with love, passion and dedication. I tend to watch our video when I need encouragement and to regain my focus.

How was your first event that you were hired to plan?
My first event theme was “Curious George” baby shower located in Homewood, IL. It was beyond a success. I currently still service my clients Angelique and Porscha Lacey, which is always amazing to have returning customers. Angelique has stated that she is still receiving great feedback in regards to their event. I will be servicing baby Jonathan’s first birthday in March of this year.

How do you plan to move further in this business?
I plan on networking throughout the United States. I recently attended one of the biggest Cake Expo’s in April of 2014 located in Miami as well as network with stylists at J Gordon’s Hair Salon in Atlanta, both were a huge success. I plan on shipping my product worldwide. It’s important for me to be in attendance of as many entrepreneur events, so that I am able to network and build my brand accordingly. I will be having my first popup/launch party this coming summer. I am super excited about that. Please be on the look out.

What is the hardest part about balancing family, friends, and business?
The hardest part about balancing my family and social life with my friends while running a full-time business and working a full-time job is that my schedules become so busy I am unable to enjoy date night with my husband, family night with our kids or a social life with my friends. It all goes back to the sacrifices that need to be made. Our children our on a very strict schedule with chores and homework. I normally will create a monthly menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner to make things easier for everyone. It helps a ton. This year I have restructured my schedule, so that date night is not my husband and I watching Netflix and Chilling, family time is not always game night at home, and my social life is not always a quick phone call to and from work. It is a challenge to keep everyone satisfied, but for the most part I have a great support system within my husband, children and friends that they understand. I am so family- oriented, so I think it bothers me more than it bothers them. Everyone’s favorite saying to me is “ You will figure it out, you always do.” They live by that!

What kind of sacrifices would you be willing to make if need be to take your company to the next level?
The sacrifices that I have made and will continue to make would be sleep because nothing comes to a sleeper, but a dream. Another sacrifice that I have made was being comfortable. I feel like if at any point I get too comfortable I will begin to settle and I will stop challenging myself or stop taking risk. This can’t happen. I would feel lost if I didn’t challenge myself, take risk or didn’t believe I can excel to different levels.

What is your specialty when it comes to catering? Without giving away the recipe describe the signature taste and appearance.
My specialty when it comes to my work is I do everything with passion. I’ll change a recipe a million times or recreate a centerpiece until it is perfected to my liking and of course my clients. Also, I use great quality product when I am baking my desserts, but on the flipside I will take a dollar store vase and revamp it, making it look as if it cost a pretty penny. My motto is “Where being fancy is affordable” not broke. You know Ball on a Budget. It’s all about how far your imagination and creativity will take you.

How do you decide what goals to set for your company?
My goals are set off of Pros and Cons, Compare and Contrast. I take all my failures and my success rather it is when I’m baking or just plain customer service I am able to gage what I failed at as well as what I succeeded at and what was okay, but I could’ve added or taken away something to provide better service. My goals are always determined by my strengths and weaknesses, not from anyone else’s success. At the end of the day comparing myself to my competitors will only allow me to loose focus on my dreams and my plan.

Is there something you would have liked to have done differently? Any regrets?
I don’t have any regrets. I feel like life is exactly what it is. Rather you’ve been faced with the struggles of life, broke down to your bare minimum or whatever. I believe that your struggle brings your success. Every lesson is a blessing. I am learning to live in my purpose through my passion. Once you figure out you purpose you don’t have regrets. I have been through the absolute worse in life, I have been broken, but I serve a Higher Power that has kept me grounded, fueled with energy and confident in my own self -growth. God has given me so many amazing gifts and in due time HE will allow me to share my testimony with everyone.

How important do you feel networking is in order to be successful?
I feel that networking is very important in order to be successful. Rather it is social media, word of mouth or attending several events, you have to network to build my brand. As I mentioned before I believe that by taking the initiative to schedule an enormous amount of my time with networking at several events this year it will help build my brand for Minor Detailz. You have to be hungry for your business’s success. I eat, sleep and breathe my Minor Detailz. She is my baby that I have given birth to and am growing with. Regardless, Minor Detailz will be known worldwide. You heard it from me first.

I would like to thank Coffea Magazine so much for allowing me this opportunity. I appreciate the support of your magazine in believing and supporting my story. Thank you tremendously.

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